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Tired of searching for a reliable custom woven label supplier?

Our solution is simple and direct: 11 years of manufacturing experience, a mature sales team, and products at factory prices! Choose us and embrace a new standard of efficiency and reliability! We hope to build a long-term relationship with you!

Why Choose Hekang

5-Hour Respond Rate

Our sale team will answer back your inquiry as soon as we check your email no longer than 5 hours

Fast Production Leadtime

Our normal production turnaround time is 7 days, if you have an urgent order in hand, we can help to push in production

Quality Control

We have our QC department control the quality and also support 3rd-party QC to guarantee the quality.

Global Support and Flexible Shipping Method

We've been exporting goods to over 100 countries for 11 years. We have long-term shipping partners- express containing Fedex, UPS DHL; the sea and train transport.

Flexible Payment Methods

We support T/T transfer, credit cards, PayPal, visa, and so on... For more details, you can negotiate with our sales

Eco-friendly Material

All of our raw materials with OEKO-TEX certificates, REACH, or other certificates

About Hekang Factory

Hekang Industries Co.,Ltd, established in 2013, is a professional company mainly producing woven labels patches, embroidery patches, hang tags, PVC silicon rubber patches, leather patches and so on for garment accessories.

No MOQ, free artwork design, and raw material with OEKO-TEX and REACH certificates are our advantages from other supplier. Our company has equipments as below, Barudan Embroidery Machines, Sanli Gilding Press Machines, Laser cutting Machines…For more details please check our SGS Certificate.

Offerring sweet, considerate, and professional service is our mission. Our Sales Team average working time is 5 years,who can offer you the best purchasing experience

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Meet Our Team

Offering sweet, considerate, and professional service is our mission. Team average working time is 5 years,who can offer you the best purchasing experience.


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Starting at $30 for 300pcs woven neck labels!

Our most popular product! Get started with custom woven labels with woven label maker—whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

Inspiring Customer Projects

woven label

Damask Woven Labels

woven keychain

Woven Keychians

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Woven Ribbon

Raw Material Certificates

Creating Custom Woven Tags Is Easy With Hekang Factory

  • Step-1: Upload your design and inquiry( quantity, size, folded way, Pantone color code for the color) by “fill the chart” or “Whatsapp us”. If you don’t have this info, our professional sales will guide you step by step to make your idea into reality.
  • Step-2 If you confirm the quotation, our sales will show you the artwork of the label for approval. Then our production begins, you just need to wait until the labels ready
  • Step-3 Check the picture of the label which our sales sent you for approval. Then Wait a few more days for the labels coming.

Starting at $30 for 300pcs custom sewing labels!

Our most popular product! Get started with custom woven clothing labels with a woven manufacturer—whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

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Woven Product Technic

Woven Label Folding Ways

one side fold label

One Side Fold

length of folding woven label

Length of Folding

end fold left-right woven label

End Fold Left-Right

folded in half woven label

Folded In Half

width to fold woven label

Width To Fold

mitre fold woven label

Mitre Fold

fold up and down woven label

Fold Up And Down

straight cut woven label

Straight Cut

packed in roll woven label

Packed In Roll

Back Technics

3m back patch

3M( Self-Adheesive ) Back

paper back patch

Paper Back

pin bak badge

Pin Back

sew on back woven label

Sew On Labels

velcro back patch

Velcro Back( Hoop and Loop)

woven label

Need to See Some Samples?

Want to see and touch some real labels before you decide on what to get? No problem. Get sample packs shipped directly to you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Woven Labels

What is woven label?

Woven label” is a type of label or tag that is commonly used in the garment and fashion industry. It is a type of label made from weaving threads together on a loom to create a design. Woven labels are usually made of polyester, cotton, or poly-cotton blends, and they can be used to display various types of information such as the brand name, care instructions, size, and composition of the garment. They are usually sewn onto the garment or ironed on the garment, or attached to a hang tag.

Woven tags are very durable, which makes them ideal for clothing items.

What's the difference between woven taffeta label and satin label?

Woven labels are made of weaving weft and warp. Normally warp is fixed and it will show the background and weft will help to show the logo. The satin label will contain around two times of warp than the taffeta.

Is there a way to make the woven label edge softer?

The woven labels are woven out in one piece, then cut into pieces. Normally we will use the hot cut machine, the edge is soft. But if you want a more soft edge, we will recommend you to do ultrasonic cutting, which is widely applied in children’s label.

Woven Labels vs. Printed Labels: Woven labels and printed labels which is better for me to make my logo on?

  • In most cases woven labels will be the main labels on garments or accessories; printed fabric labels as care labels
  • According to font size.  For woven labels, the font height should be more than 2mm, then can be weaved out clearer. If the logo is small, then better to choose printed ones.
  • numbers of colors. Woven labels can make colors no more than 12 colors, if your design with more than 12 colors or changing colors, then better to choose printed labels.

Which fold should I pick for my custom woven label?

It depends on where are you going to use the label. Here is the recommendation according to our client’s inquiry.

Neck Tag : end fold( left and right fold), you can sew the labels on ends; center fold: you stitch the label on top; hot cut( no fold), you stitch the labels around the edge. Sometimes you want to iron on the labels, the labels are also with no fold. Manhattan fold( Mitre Fold), when you want the special effect.

Sleeve Tag: end fold, no fold

Hem Tags: end fold with the center fold

Size Label: Center fold

Can I do a main label with many sizing?

Yes, we can offer this customization type, our technician will draw the artwork together just revise the sizing part and the labels will finish production at one time.

What is damask label?

A damask label refers to a type of fabric label that is made using the damask weaving technique. Similar to damask fabric, damask labels are known for their intricate patterns and reversible design. These labels are typically made from high-quality materials such as silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers.

Damask labels are commonly used in the fashion and textile industry to provide branding and identification on garments, accessories, and other textile products. They are particularly favored for their elegant and luxurious appearance, as well as their ability to convey a sense of high quality and sophistication.

The patterns on damask labels can be customized to showcase brand logos, names, or other specific designs. The labels are typically woven with precision, resulting in clear and detailed patterns. Damask labels are durable and can withstand regular use and washing without significant wear or fading.

Due to their intricate design and premium look, damask labels are often used in high-end and luxury fashion brands to add a touch of refinement and enhance the overall branding of the products. They are commonly sewn onto garments, bags, accessories, or other textile items as a distinctive and visually appealing label.

Overall, damask labels offer a visually striking and luxurious option for brand identification and labeling in the fashion and textile industry.

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