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Tired of searching for a reliable clothing hang tag supplier?

Our solution is simple and direct: 11 years of manufacturing experience, a mature sales team, and products at factory prices! Choose us and embrace a new standard of efficiency and reliability! We hope to build a long-term relationship with you!

Why Choose Hekang

5-Hour Respond Rate

Our sale team will answer back your inquiry as soon as we check your email no longer than 5 hours

Fast Production Leadtime

Our normal production turnaround time is 10 days, if you have an urgent order in hand, we can help to push in production

Quality Control

We have our QC department control the quality and also support 3rd-party QC to guarantee the quality.

Global Support and Flexible Shipping Method

We've been exporting goods to over 100 countries for 11 years. We have long-term shipping partners- express containing Fedex, UPS DHL; the sea and train transport.

Flexible Payment Methods

We support T/T transfer, credit cards, PayPal, visa, and so on... For more details, you can negotiate with our sales

Eco-friendly Material

All of our raw materials with OEKO-TEX certificates, REACH, or other certificates

About Hekang Factory

Hekang Industries Co.,Ltd, established in 2013, is a professional company mainly producing woven labels patches, embroidery patches, hang tags, PVC silicon rubber patches, leather patches and so on for garment accessories.

No MOQ, free artwork design, and raw material with OEKO-TEX and REACH certificates are our advantages from other supplier. Our company has equipments as below, Barudan Embroidery Machines, Sanli Gilding Press Machines, Laser cutting Machines…For more details please check our SGS Certificate.

Offerring sweet, considerate, and professional service is our mission. Our Sales Team average working time is 5 years,who can offer you the best purchasing experience

hang tag machine-clothing hang tags
hang tags machine-hang tags for clothing
hang tag manufacturer-hang tags for clothing

Upload your design and start work with us!

Our most popular product! To get luxury custom clothing swing tags with Hekang manufacturer! High quality, fast and cheap! 

Inspiring Customer Projects

custom gold stamping pvc hang tag

PVC Hang Tag

printed white paper hang tag

White Cardboard Hang Tag

black cardboard hang tag with gold foil logo-hang tags for clothes

Gold Foil Paper Tag

kraft paper hang tags-custom hang tags with string

Kraft Paper Hang Tag

fabric hang tag eco-friendly

Cotton Fabric Hang Tag

laser paper tag-hang tag printing

Laser Paper Hang Tag

Creating Custom Hang Tags Is Easy With Hekang Factory

custom hang tags
  • Step-1: Upload your hang tag design and inquiry( quantity, size, material,shape) by “fill the chart” or “Whatsapp us”. If you don’t have this info, our professional sales will guide you step by step to make your idea into reality.
  • Step-2 Confirm the quotation and hang tag mock-up. Then Our production begins, you just need to wait until the hang tags are ready
  • Step-3 Check the picture of the tags our sales sent you for approval. Then Wait a few more days for the labels to come.

How is a hang tag made?

how to make a hang tag
printed white paper hang tag

Starting at $45 for 400pcs custom hang tags with string!

Our most popular product! 300gsm; 5*9cm; coated paper; printed only; with free seal cords.

About Custom Hang Tags-You Need to Know!



kraft paper

Craft Paper

laser paper hangtag

Laser Paper

pvc hang tag


transparent tyvek paper hang tag

Tyvek Paper


Hang Tag Material Thickness

hang tag thickness reference

Custom Hang Tags With String

hang tag string

Hang Tag Logo Finishing

debossed logo hang tag

Debossed Hang Tags

embossed logo hang tags

Embossed Hang Tags

gold foil hang tag

Gold Foil Hang Tags

printed logo hang tag-Hang Tag Printing

Hang Tag Printing

uv vanishing hang tag

UV Vanishing/High Gloss UV

silver foil hang tag

Silver Foil Hang Tags

  • Hang Tag Printing: Printing is the most common and cost-effective craftsmanship for hang tag logos. It includes methods such as screen printing, heat transfer, and inkjet printing, allowing for various colors and graphic effects. You can print QR codes, laundry symbols, brand text, and things you want on your custom tags.
  • Foil Stamping: Foil stamping involves hot pressing metallic foil (gold or silver) onto the hanging tags. This craftsmanship imparts a luxurious metallic texture to the hang tags, adding a sense of premium and luxury to the brand.
  • Embossing/Debossing: Embossing or debossing uses heat and pressure to create raised or recessed impressions of the logo on the hangtag. It adds texture and tactile appeal, allowing for intricate designs and a unique touch.
  • Laser Engraving/Cutting: Laser engraving or cutting uses laser technology to etch or cut the logo onto the hangtag. It enables fine details and intricate designs, giving the hangtag a high-tech and modern look.
  • UV Printing: UV printing is a technique that involves curing the ink using ultraviolet light, resulting in vibrant and high-quality prints on hangtags. This process allows for precise details, sharp edges, and enhanced color saturation. UV printing offers excellent durability, resistance to fading, and the ability to print on various materials, including TPU. It is ideal for creating eye-catching and long-lasting hangtag logos with a glossy or matte finish.


Custom Hang tag Shape

die-cut heart shape hang tags

Die-Cut Hang Tags Custom

gold stamping hang tags

Rectangle Hang Tags

Round/Circle Hang Tags

Round/Circle Hang Tags

folded hang tag

Folded Hang Tag

Want Other Shapes? Please contact our sales for help: )

hang tag

Need to get Some Free Samples in our stock?

Want to see and touch some real hang tags before you decide on what to get? No problem. Get sample packs shipped directly to you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Hang Tags

What is hang tag?

A hang tag, also known as a swing tag or garment label, is a small card or label attached to a product by a string or ribbon. It serves as an informational and branding tool. Hang tags provide essential details about the product, such as brand name, logo, product name, size, and care instructions. They help differentiate products, showcase brand identity, and promote special offers. Hang tags are commonly used in the retail industry, especially in clothing and accessories, to provide product information and enhance the overall presentation of the item.

What is the difference between a label and a hangTag?

A woven label and a hang tag are both used in the context of product branding and identification, but they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics.

Woven Label: A woven label is typically a small, fabric-based label that is sewn into the seam or attached to the inside of a garment or other textile product.Woven labels are often made using specialized weaving techniques, resulting in a durable and high-quality label. They are designed to be a permanent part of the product and provide information such as brand name, logo, care instructions, size, and country of origin. Woven labels are discreet and can enhance the professionalism and brand recognition of a product.

Hang Tag: Hang tags are typically made of cardstock or paper and are attached externally to the product. They are more visible than woven labels and serve multiple purposes. Hang tags often display the brand name, logo, product information, pricing, and promotional messages. They can be designed creatively and provide a branding opportunity, catch the customer’s attention, and enhance the visual appeal of the product. Hang tags can be easily removed by the customer after purchase.

What string is normally used for hang tags?

The string commonly used for hang tags is usually made of cotton or polyester. These materials are popular choices due to their durability, strength, and flexibility. Cotton strings provide a natural and eco-friendly look, while polyester strings offer a smoother and more polished appearance. Both options come in various thicknesses and can be selected based on the desired aesthetic and functional requirements of the hang tag. Additionally, some hang tags may feature other types of cords, ribbons, or twines, depending on the desired style and branding preferences. Ultimately, the choice of string for hang tags depends on factors such as the overall design, durability needed, and the desired visual presentation of the product.

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.