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filling animal woven patch

Woven Stuffed Patch

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Stuffed Woven Animal Patch

filling woven zipper

Filling Woven Zipper

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Woven Stuffed Patches

What's the stuffed woven patch?

“Filled Cotton Woven Patches” is a weaving technique belonging to satin woven labels, utilizing a double-sided process with an empty middle section for easy insertion of cotton filling. This filling can be natural or synthetic cotton, providing insulation and softness, allowing it to expand and achieve a soft, full and upright effect. It is commonly used for pull-tab ends to facilitate easy handling by users. This type of woven label finds frequent application in the gift industry, such as keychains, clothing pull-tabs, luggage pull-tabs, and children toy.

Can the thickness of filled cotton woven patches be customized?

Yes, it can. Our machines can control the amount of cotton filling to achieve the desired thickness as per customer requirements.

How to attach the filled cotton pull-tab to the zipper pull of a garment?

To attach the filled cotton pull-tab to the zipper pull of a garment, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, ensure that both the filled cotton pull-tab and the zipper pull of the garment are ready.

  2. Insert the filled cotton pull-tab into the zipper pull, making sure it is inserted at the appropriate position.

  3. Typically, the filled cotton pull-tab will have a small loop or circular decoration. You can thread it through an opening or loop on the zipper pull.

  4. Gently tighten the filled cotton pull-tab, ensuring it is securely fastened to the zipper pull of the garment.

  5. Double-check to ensure that the filled cotton pull-tab is securely attached to the zipper pull and that the zipper can be smoothly operated.

By following these steps, you can attach the filled cotton pull-tab to the zipper pull of a garment and ensure a secure connection.

What's the usages of stuffed woven patch?

Filled cotton woven labels patches can be used for various purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Clothing: Filled cotton woven labels are commonly used in garments, especially in those requiring warmth and comfort, such as jackets, down coats, and sweaters.

  2. Accessories: Filled cotton woven labels can be utilized in a range of accessory items such as hats, gloves, scarves, adding softness and insulation.

  3. Bags and luggage: Filled cotton woven labels can be applied to bags and luggage, such as backpacks, wallets, and handbags, providing additional texture and branding.

  4. Home textiles: Filled cotton woven labels are also suitable for home textile products like blankets, pillows, and cushions, enhancing comfort and touch.

  5. Gifts and decorations: Due to their unique appearance and texture, filled cotton woven labels are often used in the production of gifts and decorations, including keychains, hanging ornaments, bracelets, and more.

In summary, filled cotton woven labels have a wide range of applications, including clothing, accessories, bags, home textiles, gifts, and decorations, offering distinctive texture and functionality to various products.

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