Several Key Factors Affecting the Sophistication of The Tag

One. Exquisite material

1. The grade of material

tag on the commonly used materials, mainly a variety of paper, leather, artificial leather, plastic, metal materials, acrylic materials. The most used is paper material. The paper material also has the high school low cent, this is because the paper material processing is convenient, the cost is relatively low, therefore in the actual application, the paper material is the clothing tag use most material.

In addition, because of the ingenuity of designers, often can be some ordinary materials, after adding a small amount of other materials, such as metal, acrylic, plastic, etc., the use of some special technology, designed with high-grade quality of the visual sense of the tag.

2. Fancy material

Commercial design uses a variety of materials, on the one hand according to the different grades of products, can choose to use high-grade to low-grade different materials?? On the other hand, in order to highlight creativity, the establishment of a unique brand personality, will also be used in some unconventional materials. Clothing tag in the use of chic materials, most of the tag is a part of the material, such as plastic, PVC, leather, hemp rope, acrylic, etc., so that tag label revealing a novel fashion, exquisite chic taste.

Two. Special process

Modern printing due to the development of science and technology, the display of colorful technology, the use of properly can make print appropriately reflect the designer’s will. Clothing tag Special technology mainly bump, hot anodized aluminum, embossed printing, embossing molding, water-based glazing,%& glazing, molding, laminating, hollow molding, spot color and so on.

1. Bump

According to the design, to the concave and convex parts of the text made of letterpress, and then cast into the plaster of the mold, printed in print and machine lithography between the pressure printed, resulting in bump phenomenon. This process can cause three-dimensional, so that the tag is rich in change.

2. Hot anodized Aluminum

According to the design requirements of the tag will be bronzing parts and texts made of letterpress, and installed on the machine, through electric heating, anodized aluminum film, printing presses through pressure to the substrate surface. This method is not only used for paper, but also for leather, textiles, wood and so on. At present, there are many varieties of anodized aluminum. such as laser foil, paper foil, leather foil, pigment foil.

3. Embossed Printing

This special process is after printing the resin powder dissolved in the dry (ink) or separate use of resin?, after heating to make the printing ridge, protruding three-dimensional. Mainly applied to the main image part of the clothing tag.

4. Stamping and die-cutting

When the label printing needs to be cut into special shape, according to the design effect drawings of the requirements of the wood mold, steel blade along the edge of the wood mold and reinforcement, and then the label print cutting molding. Knives have sharp mouth and blunt mouth two kinds, sharp mouth will be cut off paper products, and blunt products will be pressed into the paper, easy to fold when smooth and neat.

5. Glazing and Laminating

The advantages of glazing can make printed matter luster, and can make the surface of printed matter is not easy to fade, extend the preservation time of print color, enhance the strength of paper, improve waterproof and anti-fouling, in order to enhance the added value of printed matter. Glazing including laminating, glazing, calendering, calendering Oil, mirror glazing technology. In addition, now based on environmental considerations, water-based glazing, glazing and other new environmental protection methods used more in practice.

6. Molding

This process is mostly used in plastic products. In the tag design use more is the tag front end and the hanging connected brand part, it by the special mold hot-pressing molding and uses the hot stamping technology will the brand picture and text carry on the prominent performance, causes the tag the visual from the plane the paper expands to the stereoscopic material.

7. Spot color Printing

Printing color includes CMYK four-color, PANTONE, spot color and so on. Most of the label printing using spot-color printing, its advantages are uniform color, standard color accurate, few deviations, highlighting enterprises or brand standard color, conducive to the promotion of corporate image.

Three. Simple shape

Most of the shape of the tag is rectangular or rounded, very few shaped. This is due to the fact that the production costs and the irregular shape of the product itself are contrasted, making them more prominent and striking. But there are also a few very personalized casual wear, jeans, such as the use of tags in irregular shape.

1. Rectangular

The rectangle is the most common form of the tag. Because the front of the tag in addition to the brand graphics and text, the opposite side also marked other information, such as Certificate of competency, name, standard, goods number, composition, grade, Inspector, price, washing instructions, factory name, manufacturer, site, telephone and so on. Therefore, the rectangular most conducive to the layout, but also has a certain capacity and space.

2. Fillet shape

Clothing tag, there are nearly one-fourth things rounded. This does not mean that the shape of the square horn is better than the rounded corners. But one thing is certain that the fillet process is complex in square corners. From the design point of view, the round angle of the tag size must be larger, otherwise in the small size of the rounded corners appear cramped in narrow, and then visually discordant.


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