How to Sew on/ Iron on Patches?

sew on patches

sew on patches

A well-placed patch can make clothing stand out—or rescue damaged garments. For customizing or repairing clothes, it helps to know how to attach the patches to clothes.

Today, a professional patch manufacturer Hekang will tell you how to let your custom patches fixed on hoddies, bags,  caps and so on.

When get your custom embroidery patches, we usually suggest to make them sew on or iron on, if you want, we also can do with velcro backing.

For sew on patches, all you need are thread, needle, and hand. If you have sewing machine, things will get easier. Firstly, make the patches well placed, then use needle and thread to sew on the edge. Finally, beautiful and stylish hoodies and caps are born.

As for iron on patches, no matter chenille patch or normal embroidered patches, you just need a heat machine for work. Heat the machine around 120-150 degree Celsius, then put the patch on the right place of garment, stay heating for 4-5s, unique design done.

The most important thing is that you find an experienced manufacturer who can produce the patches you exactly want. We — Hekang — are exactly perfect partner can make your ideas come true.



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