Custom Your Own Stuffed Woven Satin Labels to Stand Out Your Brand

  • High Density
  • Luxury
  • Lustrous and Textured
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Durability
woven satin label

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Needle Loom Satin Label

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Mitre Fold Satin Label

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Colorful Woven Satin Label

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Woven Satin Labels

What's woven satin label?

A woven satin label refers to a type of fabric label that is made from satin material using a weaving process. Satin fabric is known for its smooth and lustrous surface, which is achieved through a weaving technique that creates a glossy front and a matte back. Woven satin labels are commonly used in the fashion industry to display brand names, logos, care instructions, and other important information on clothing, accessories, and textile products.

These labels are typically made by interlacing fine threads of satin material on a loom to create a woven pattern. The result is a label with a luxurious appearance and a soft, silky feel. Woven satin labels are highly versatile and can be customized with various colors, designs, and text to suit the branding and aesthetics of a product or garment.

Woven satin labels are favored for their elegant and high-end look, durability, and the ability to convey a sense of luxury and sophistication. They add a touch of refinement to products and enhance the overall branding and perceived value.

Where are woven satin labels commonly used?

  1. Clothing Labels: Satin woven labels are commonly used as labels in garments, such as collar labels, sleeve labels, side labels, and back neck labels. These labels typically include brand names, logos, sizes, fabric composition, and care instructions.

  2. Accessories: Satin woven labels are also used in a variety of accessory products, such as silk scarves, neckties, hats, gloves, socks, and more. In these products, the labels are often used to indicate the brand, style, or other specific information.

  3. Packaging and Gifts: Satin woven labels can be used in product packaging and gift wrapping to add a sense of luxury and high-end appeal. They can be sewn onto packaging boxes or gift bags as brand identifiers and decorative elements.

  4. Home Textiles: In home textile products, satin woven labels are commonly used in bedding, bed linen, curtains, tablecloths, towels, and more. They provide brand identification and product information, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to the home environment.

  5. Footwear and Bags: Satin woven labels are also commonly used in footwear and bag products. They can be used as tongue labels, lining labels, insole labels in shoes, or as brand identifiers on bags, enhancing brand recognition and conveying a sense of high quality.

Wholesale Woven Satin Label quotes?

As a woven label manufacturer with 11-year experience, working with us is very simple. You just need to upload your design and send us your requirement, then our professional sale will contact you and offer you our exfactory price.

Woven Satin Label Leadtime

Normally our production time is around 7 days, if it’s an urgent order, we can also meet your requirement. For big quantity as more than 100,000 labels, lead time is around 10-12 days.

What't the difference between Satin Woven Label and Flat Woven Label?

  1. Surface Texture: Satin Woven Labels have a smooth, glossy surface texture, often presenting a delicate and soft feel, giving a sense of high quality and luxury. On the other hand, Flat Woven Labels have a relatively flat surface texture without prominent glossiness or smoothness.

  2. Weaving Structure: Satin Woven Labels use a satin weave structure, where the yarns interlace in a diagonal pattern, resulting in a distinctive diagonal texture on the fabric surface. Flat Woven Labels, on the other hand, use a plain weave structure, where the yarns interlace at right angles, creating a uniform grid-like texture on the fabric surface.

  3. Usage Range: Due to their luster and texture, Satin Woven Labels are commonly used in high-end garments, accessories, and gift industries. They enhance the luxurious and exquisite feel of the products. Flat Woven Labels, on the other hand, are more common in everyday clothing, home textiles, and some cost-effective products.

  4. Color Presentation: Due to the smooth surface, Satin Woven Labels exhibit brighter and more lustrous color representation. In contrast, Flat Woven Labels tend to have relatively subdued colors that closely resemble the yarn’s original color.

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