Custom Quilt Labels - Weave Your Story into Your Quilt

Set of tags printed with your name, Etsy shop, or business. Sew on or iron onto quilts, blankets, afghans, and other handmade items.

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Creating Custom Quilt Labels Is Easy As 1 2 3

  • Step-1: Upload your design and inquiry( quantity, size, color) by “fill the chart” or “Whatsapp us”. If you don’t have this info, our professional sales will guide you step by step to make your idea into reality.
  • Step-2 If you confirm the quotation, our sales will show you the digital proof for approval. Then Our production begins, and you just need to wait until the labels are ready.
  • Step-3 Confirm the finished labels before shipping.
Custom woven labels

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Personalized Quilting Label Material( Printed&Woven)

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Printed Personalized Lables for Quits

Material: silk tape( satin), cotton tape, and any material you like

Appearance: Printed custom quilt labels offer a wide range of appearance options. The base material can be customized, including soft ribbons or natural cotton ribbons, adding texture. You can choose various colors, even achieving gradient effects, enhancing visual appeal. Sizes are flexible to meet different needs. Labels are typically smooth, ensuring clear printing and a professional look

Price: When it comes to large-scale production, printed quilt labels are often a more cost-effective choice. This is because the process of creating printed labels involves certain fixed costs, such as printing templates and design setup. Once these costs are spread across large batch orders, the cost per label significantly decreases.

This means that if you require a large quantity of quilt labels, printed labels are typically a cost-saving option. This is particularly appealing for commercial manufacturers, wholesalers, or organizations that need a significant volume of custom quilt labels.

Durability: Compared to woven quilt labels, printed personalized labels for quilts may have slightly lower colorfastness. However, we incorporate special color-fixing agents in our production process to ensure that they remain vibrant and fresh even after multiple washes. This means that even with frequent laundering, your custom quilt labels will maintain their bright and clear colors.

Woven Custom Quilt Labels

Material: Polyester thread

Appearance: Woven quilt labels are created by interweaving threads, giving them a unique 3D effect. In terms of colors, woven labels have some limitations. Gradient colors are not feasible, however, you can still choose up to 12 fixed colors to ensure that the labels harmonize with your quilts. Furthermore, to ensure that the patterns and logos on woven labels are clearly visible, we recommend designing them with a height of more than 2 millimeters. This ensures that the details on the label remain undistorted.

Price: Cheaper in small-scale production considering printed quilt labels.

Durability: Very durable.

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