Reasons for Shrinkage of Clothing Woven Labels and Solutions

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Reasons for Shrinkage of Custom Woven Labels for Clothing and Solutions_Hekang Company

Woven fabric labels are typically auxiliary materials used on garments, but often they play a crucial role in adding the finishing touch. Especially, there are times when we use them to create decorations. Woven clothing labels are usually exposed, prompting the need for regular cleaning. However, after cleaning, some damask labels may exhibit changes in appearance, including wrinkling and waviness. These occurrences can be perplexing, and our initial reaction often attributes it to poor ribbon quality and density. In reality, there are two main reasons that contribute to these issues and solutions:

  • Woven labels come in various organizational structures and densities. Generally, labels with higher densities are more resistant to shrinkage during water washing. If custom woven labels experience shrinkage after washing, you can request the woven label supplier to increase the density to prevent this issue. Woven labels produced by He Kang are all above 80 warp density and will not encounter such situations, and can pass normal washing test.
  • This can also be attributed to the stitching location. If woven labels are sewn onto areas with higher curvature, such as collar bands, sleeve bands, or embroidered designs, the impact of water during washing can lead to this phenomenon.

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