How to Take Off the Iron On Label or Patch from Garment?

iron on back patch

Nowadays, with the growing trend of using garment accessories like clothing labels and embroidery patches that are attached using hot melt adhesive, people’s wardrobes have become filled with these creative decorations. However, removing these garment accessories from clothes can sometimes be troublesome. This article aims to provide you with practical solutions to easily remove hot melt adhesive accessories, such as clothing woven labels, embroidery patches, PVC patches, sublimation patches, and woven patches, ensuring that your clothes look brand new again.

iron on back

How to Remove Hot Melt Adhesive garment accessories from Clothes?

  1. Freezing Method:

    • Place the garment in the freezer or freezer compartment of your refrigerator to allow the hot melt adhesive to become hard and brittle.
    • Gently scrape off the hardened adhesive embellishment using a small knife or nail scraper. Exercise caution to avoid damaging the fabric.
    • This method is particularly effective for smaller and less securely attached hot melt adhesive embellishments.
  2. Heat Ironing Method:

    • Place a piece of cloth or paper towel over the hot melt adhesive embellishment to protect it from direct contact with the iron.
    • Adjust the iron to a medium-low temperature to ensure it doesn’t damage the fabric.
    • Gently press the iron on the cloth or paper towel, allowing the hot melt adhesive to soften.
    • Once the adhesive has softened, use your fingers or a small knife to gently peel off the adhesive embellishment. Repeat the ironing and peeling process if necessary until the adhesive is completely removed.
  3. Solvent Method:

    • Test the solvent on an inconspicuous area of the garment to ensure it doesn’t damage the fabric.
    • Choose an appropriate solvent, such as acetone, alcohol, gasoline, or lemon essential oil.
    • Apply the solvent to the hot melt adhesive embellishment, ensuring it saturates the adhesive thoroughly.
    • Allow some time for the solvent to soften the adhesive.
    • Use a paper towel to gently wipe or scrape off the adhesive embellishment. Repeat this step if needed until all the adhesive is completely removed.

By employing the methods mentioned above, you can effortlessly remove hot melt adhesive embellishments, including garment accessories, clothing labels, and embroidery patches, from your clothes. Whether you want to change the decoration or repair your garments, these techniques will help you restore your clothes to their original condition. Always remember to conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area before attempting any method to prevent any damage to the fabric. Approach the removal process patiently and gently to avoid unnecessary loss or damage.

We hope this article provides you with valuable insights and practical tips to help you effectively remove hot melt adhesive embellishments from your clothes. By using the correct techniques and tricks, you can revitalize your garments and showcase your personal style.




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