Choosing the Perfect Patches for Garment

In the realm of fashion and accessories, garment accessories play a pivotal role as decorative elements and brand identifiers. With the continuous evolution of the fashion industry, the significance of different types of garment trims in clothing and accessories has grown exponentially. This article aims to introduce various types of clothing accessories and elaborate on their unique characteristics to guide you in selecting the most suitable trim for your design.

The Significance of Various Garment Patches in Clothing and Accessories

Garment trims serve as adornments and distinctive markers in clothing and accessories design. They enhance the aesthetics, showcase brand identity, and elevate the perceived value of the products. Whether in high-end fashion or casual accessories, the right choice of garment accessories can make your clothes, bags, and hat designs more appealing and stand out from the crowd.

What Type of Patch is Perfect for My Design?

Embroidered Patches

embroidered badge

Embroidered patches are cherished for their exquisite embroidery craftsmanship. They can be used to create intricate patterns, lettering, or logos on clothing, particularly on fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool. With a soft and comfortable texture, embroidered patches are durable and well-suited for clothing styles that require long-lasting and high-quality insignia.


PVC Patches

velcro back pvc patch

PVC patches are favored for their vivid appearance and three-dimensional effect. They can be custom-made in various shapes and colors, making them suitable for a wide range of clothing and accessory styles. PVC tags are known for their wear resistance, waterproof properties, and ability to withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor sportswear, children’s apparel, and products requiring special functional labeling.


Woven Patches

fish woven patch

Woven patches are created using weaving techniques and are typically sewn onto products. They can carry complex patterns and lettering and boast high durability and water resistance. Woven badges are suitable for all kinds of clothing and accessories, especially for designs that prioritize lightweight and comfortable features.


Digital Printed Patches( Sublimated Patches)

woman sublimation patch

Sublimation patches are produced using advanced digital printing technology, allowing intricate designs and colors to be showcased. They are perfect for personalized and customized styles, particularly for clothing and accessories that require intricate printing details and effects.


Leather Patches

Jeans Leather Patch-logo embossed

Leather tags are usually made from leather or PU material, exuding a sense of luxury and sophistication. They are fitting for high-end fashion and accessory products, adding a touch of elegance to the brand. With excellent durability and a natural texture, leather tags are ideal for crafting high-quality clothing designs.

Different types of garment patches possess distinct characteristics that cater to various product designs. Embroidered patches are ideal for high-quality insignia, PVC patches are suitable for special function styles, woven patches are fitting for lightweight and comfortable products, digital printed patches cater to personalized customization, and leather tags are perfect for high-end fashion. Therefore, when selecting garment trims, we recommend considering the unique features and design style of your product to choose the most suitable trim. Additionally, with our factory’s 11 years of experience, we offer professional customization services to help you create extraordinary product identifiers.


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