A New Embroidery Technic: Toothbrush Embroidery

cat toothbrush embroidery

Toothbrush embroidery is a novel form of embroidery that has emerged in fields such as apparel, home decor, and crafts. The toothbrush embroidery technique was initially used by Japanese designers, with the equipment being designed and developed by a retired mechanical engineer from Tajima Embroidery Machine Company in Japan. Subsequently, renowned Japanese designer Kenzo Takada established the high-end luxury fashion brand KENZO in France. KENZO clothing is often characterized by vibrant and colorful combinations, exquisite embroidery, and a celebration of fashion, joy, and freedom. The designer extensively incorporated toothbrush embroidery techniques in this brand, which quickly gained popularity among the masses.

Definition of Toothbrush Embroidery:

Toothbrush embroidery is a technique where a certain level of auxiliary material (such as EVA) is added to the fabric during the regular embroidery process. After the embroidery is completed, a tool is used to smooth and remove the embroidered thread on the EVA, resulting in embroidery that resembles the shape of a toothbrush. It is commonly referred to as toothbrush embroidery.

Compared to traditional towel embroidery, toothbrush embroidery offers greater durability, colorfastness, and increased creative freedom. It can be applied to various fabrics, including cotton, linen, and towels. Toothbrush embroidery not only provides distinctive visual appeal but also speeds up production and reduces costs.


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