What will happen when I order woven labels from a factory?

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Nice to meet you: ) As an employee who has worked in a garment accessories factory for 8 years, I am happy to be able to answer the questions you have raised,and I will bring you to see our woven garment label production process.

  • Placed the order and already confirmed all details with our sales team( artwork, quantity, Pantone color…)
  • Our designer will input the design drawing into the computer and convert it into a format that the machine can recognize.


  • Choose the thread according to the Pantone color code, artwork, or original sample you offered.


  • The production begins.( Below is a video of a working woven machine)


  • Cut and fold machines to make the one-piece woven fabic as labels.


  • Quality control and Packing of the custom woven tags.


  •  Clients confirm picture of labels
  • Ship the finished custom goods


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