What will happen when I custom my own pvc patches directly from a factory in China?

luminous pvc patch

As a PVC patch manufacturer with 11-year experience, I am glad to answer your questions. Today you will follow me to watch our production workshop and know more about how your design come to reality.

Firstly, I want to declare, in our industry, many clients call PVC patches also as rubber patches, in this article, we will continue to call them as PVC patches.

Okay, welcome to Hekang Garment Accessories Company!

  1. Design Creation: The production process begins with the creation of a design for the PVC patch. Skilled designers use computer software to develop the desired artwork, incorporating details, colors, and any required text or logos.
  2. Color Material Selection: Once the design is finalized, the next step is to select the appropriate color materials for the PVC patch. PVC is available in a wide range of vibrant colors, and specific pigments are chosen to match the design accurately.By the way, our material is eco-friendly with Reach Certificates.
  3. Production: The production of PVC patches involves the following steps:

3.1 Mold Creation: A metal mold is crafted based on the approved design. The mold contains cavities that represent the desired shape and design elements of the patch.

3.2 PVC Mixing and Dispensing: PVC material, along with plasticizers and other additives, is mixed to create a pliable compound. The compound is then dispensed into the mold cavities using specialized equipment.

3.3 Heating and Compression: The mold is closed, and heat and pressure are applied to the PVC compound, causing it to flow and conform to the mold’s shape. This process ensures the creation of detailed and accurate patches.

  1. Baking: After the PVC patches are molded, they are placed in an oven for baking. The baking process cures the PVC material, enhancing its durability and ensuring it retains its shape and colors.
  2. Quality Inspection: Once the patches are baked and cooled, they undergo a rigorous quality inspection. Trained inspectors examine the patches for any defects, such as air bubbles, color inconsistencies, or incomplete details. Only patches that meet the quality standards are approved for further processing.
  3. Packaging: After passing the quality inspection, the PVC patches are carefully packaged to ensure their protection during storage and transportation. Packaging options can include individual bags, blister packs, or custom packaging, depending on customer requirements.


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