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What’s the meaning of merrowed edge?

A “merrowed edge” typically refers to an edge or border on a textile item, such as a patch, badge, or emblem, that has been finished using the Merrow machine’s unique stitching technique. The Merrow machine is designed to create a specific type of overlock stitch that forms a neat and secure border around the fabric, preventing it from unraveling or fraying. This type of border is often associated with a high-quality, professional look and is commonly used on items like patches, logos, or emblems for various purposes, including branding, uniforms, and identification. The term “merrowed edge” essentially describes the edge or border produced by the Merrow machine’s stitching process.

How thick is a merrowed edge?

The thickness of a merrowed edge can vary depending on several factors, including the type of fabric, the number of stitching passes, and the specific Merrow machine settings used. Normally the thick merrowed edge we made is 2-3 mm.

How can I tell if my patch will work with merrowed borders?

The majority of merrowed edge patches are made up of regular forms, like squares with round edges, ovals, circles, triangles, rectangles, and any shapes without pointy edges. Don’t worry if you’re not sure if your design can incorporate a merrowed border. Our experienced sales will offer you artwork for check and similar patches with a merrowed edge for show.

Also, if your patches with a merrowed edge are not possible, our experts will offer you other options of borders for your design as a compliment. We’ve made countless patches for countless of customers, so we have insights into which type of borders will suit for design with a lower price.



Now, let me introduce you to the differences among merrowed borders, hot-cut borders, and laser-cut borders:

selection of borders:merrowed border, hot cut border, laser cut border


Merrowed Edge(Stitched Border)

dog woven patch

Appearance: Merrowed edge is renowned for its neat and professional appearance. The edge typically measures around 2-3mm thick, coming with shapes with round corners, such as ovals, squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles.

Time and Efficiency: Merrowed edge typically excels in terms of time and efficiency than hot-cut border production. The Merrow sewing machine can efficiently complete edge finishing, making it an ideal choice for large-scale production. This saves time and labor resources in the manufacturing or production process.

Durability: Because of the thick and evenly placed over-stitched edging, the merrowed edge patch is extremely durable and will resist fraying over time. They provide added protection to the inner portions of the patch.

Cost: Because of the characteristics of merrowed border making, the cost of a merrowed edge patch will be lower than the patch with a hot-cut edge patch with the same design.

Uses: Merrowed edge patches are more durable, so it is popular for outdoor use. It is popular among first responders (police, fire, EMT), military, sports teams, motorcycle clubs, and even NASA.

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Hot-Cut Borders( Heat-Cut Border)

Appearance: Hot-cut edge typically presents a relatively smooth, flat appearance. It utilizes heat-cutting technology during edge finishing to ensure there are no loose threads or seams, making the edge smoother and more compact. The edge typically measures around 1mm thick. These borders are best for the design with sharp or pointy corners and can show a more flexible shape of your custom design.

Time and Efficiency: The heat-cutting technology allows for a swift completion of edge finishing, reducing the time required in the manufacturing or production process. It is particularly suitable for large-scale production, enhancing production efficiency.

Durability: Hot-Cut typically performs well in terms of durability, especially for specific types of projects. It can withstand light wear and tear, but for highly durable projects like uniforms or logos, it may not be as durable as some other edge finishing methods.

Cost: Hot-cut is typically cost-effective, especially for large-scale production. It usually requires fewer manual operations, thus reducing production costs.

Uses: Hot-Cut is suitable for various types of textiles, including T-shirts, lightweight apparel, canvas bags, and many projects that don’t require extreme durability. It is especially ideal for projects that demand a smooth and neat appearance. Hot-Cut is also widely used in custom apparel and low-cost projects.

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Laser-Cut Borders

snake chenille patch

Appearance: Laser Cut Border is renowned for its precise, smooth, and seam-free appearance.Laser-cutting technology can create extremely detailed edges, resulting in a very clean edge finish. This appearance makes it suitable for projects that require a highly refined look, such as intricate patterns and complex badges.

Time and Efficiency: Laser technology allows for rapid and precise edge finishing, making it ideal for large-scale production or projects that require fast turnaround.

Durability: The laser-cut edge finish is generally resistant to unraveling or fraying, although actual durability depends on the materials used and the precision of the cutting. It is suitable for projects requiring moderate to high durability. If you want the most durable edge, can choose a merrowed border or a hot-cut border.

Cost: It can be very cost-effective in large-scale production. Costs are also influenced by the type of materials used and the complexity of the design.

Uses: Laser Cut Border is applicable to various projects, including badges, logos, intricate designs, apparel, packaging, and decorations. It is particularly suitable for projects demanding highly intricate or complex designs and is widely used in custom manufacturing and precision craftsmanship.


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