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chenille patch( animal, letter)

A Letterman patch, also known as a Letterman’s award or letter jacket patch, is an embroidered or chenille patch that is traditionally awarded to high school and college students in the United States to signify their achievements and participation in various sports, academic, or extracurricular activities. The term “Letterman” comes from the tradition of awarding students a varsity letter to wear on their letterman jackets, often awarded for outstanding performance in sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc., or for excelling in academic or other activities.

The Letterman patch typically features the school’s initial(s) or letters representing a specific activity, such as a sports team or an academic club. It symbolizes honor and pride for the students who earn them and is often worn on the letterman jacket or letter sweater. The practice of awarding Letterman patches and jackets has a long-standing tradition in American schools, and it is considered a prestigious recognition of a student’s dedication and accomplishments.

Now Letterman patches carry more fashion significance as well. With the evolution of time and the younger generation’s pursuit of individuality, Letterman patches have become increasingly popular in the fashion world and among young people. Many individuals now like to combine Letterman patches with their personal style and personality to create a unique look. They may choose patches in different colors, shapes, and materials to showcase their individuality. Some people even add embroidery, sequins, sublimation, and woven to the patches to make them more eye-catching and dazzling.

Here are some answers to the questions about letterman patches asked by some fashion designers.

What patches go on letterman jackets?

  • Embroidery Patch
  • Woven Patch
  • Chenille Patch
  • Sequin Patch
  • Leather Patch

chenille patch( animal, letter)   sublimation patch

Leather Patch wholesale Woven Patch


Where to put patches on letterman jackets?

  • Chest: Patches are often placed on the left side of the chest area of the letterman jacket. In this position, it is common to place patches representing the school or team, such as the school emblem, team logo, or group insignia.
  • Sleeves: The sleeves of the letterman jacket are also a common placement for patches. On the sleeves, patches representing individual achievements are often placed, such as the initials of sports teams, academic accomplishments, or logos of other social groups.
  • Back: The back of the letterman jacket is a prominent location for larger and more eye-catching patches. This area is commonly used to display the main emblem representing the school or team, as well as other patches representing significant events or honors.


letterman jacket patch


This fashionable application and personalization trend of Letterman patches offers people more choices and creativity, allowing them to showcase their own style while still reflecting honor and achievement. Therefore, modern Letterman patches have transcended tradition and become a representation of fashion and individuality.

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